The fundamentals of Go, Igo (ˆอŒ้), Weiqi, Baduk lessons are here!

Kaz, a former Go insei and Tokyo regional Igo representative, is a world-renowned Weiqi teacher


He is known as the world-renowned Igo teacher and famous for his unique, flexible, and extremely kind teaching style.


What's New
This is updated on March 24th, 2013.

I regret to report you that I have to delay more.

The website has some big bugs, some of which are very hard to fix.

I'm even more sorry that my programmer has to give up fixing big bugs on my website for his personal reasons.

I can imagine that many of you get angry and upset and want to reprimand me... Because of that, I was scared to announce this, but I should.

At this point all I can say is "I am sorry".

Right now I'm thinking about approaching a programmer who has made a good Go website, which has been run successfully for some years.

I don't know when to start the website, nor do I want to give you any expectations. This is because a programmer may very well make a completely new website, which may take some time.

I am really sorry about all of these.

I deeply, deeply apologize for the further delay.

BTW, my website is a big project, and it'll take me at least 3 years, possibly 5 years to present all the problems in my head. So far I've been presenting the most important ones.

I am really, really sorry about the delay, and I would appreciate your patience and understanding.

(If you wish to know more about what the membership is going to be,
please go to FAQ. "Romeo-and-Juliet Shape" and the "Godzilla-Defeating Tesuji" will be explained in this Kaz's Go Membership Website.)

I've explained what this website is going to be in detail. Now you have a much better idea of what kind of things you can learn on this website. Please click here to read the explanations:

Kaz's Fundamentals of Go (Weiqi, Baduk) Lessons will help you make the
@@@following virtuous cycleI

  1. You save yourself from the dreaded common-amateur-mistake syndrome.
  2. You kindly punish your opponents' common amateur mistakes without hurting their feelings.
  3. You make beautiful shape and find devastating tesuji.
  4. You build a strong foundation of go.
  5. You feel good in many games because you know things your opponents don't know.
  6. You start winning more games than ever before.
  7. You get ahead in your games even against strong players.
  8. You make your opponents envious and afraid of you.
  9. By the time your opponents realize the Kaz website, you will have gotten two stones stronger.
  10. A few months later, you will become two stones stronger again, so your opponents can't catch up with you.
  11. Such virtuous cycle continues, and you live happily ever after.

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