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WARNING: Currently I’m not taking any new online students because I recommend offline lessons, which can certainly make you strong.  Please check offline lesson.

This is how I teach online lessons:

  •  An online private internet Go lesson will last for 1 hour.
  •  Before the first lesson, I would like you to send me 10 games in .sgf format.  I will analyze the strengths, weaknesses, bad habits, and common mistakes that I find throughout your games.  (If you send fewer than 10 games, that’s fine, too.  A few students have even started lessons without sending me any games at all- and that’s ok-, but I recommend you send me at least a few games.).  Then I can analyze your strengths and weaknesses, especially bad habits and common mistakes.
  •  I recommend that you and I play an even game.  When I play with 5 kyu students, I often play 5 kyu moves and 5 kyu mistakes to see how you can handle them.  When I teach with a 15 kyu player, I’ll often play 15 kyu moves, and so on.  I avoid killing your stones.  The whole purpose of my lesson is to help you learn the basics as much as possible, not discourage or intimidate you.  In fact I believe that when it comes to teaching, encouraging is much better than discouraging.
  • Some people prefer to play a game up to a certain point without any advice or commentary and then go back and  review the game.
  • I also try the following.  I often ask students to send me their latest games and review them online instead of playing an even game.  That way, students often learn more.
  • I don’t teach adults long, complicated joseki variations. I try to avoid those joseki as much as possible. Instead, I try to teach simple, short, and easy joseki, which contain basic shapes and tesuji.
  • When I teach online, I basically explain everything you should learn during a game.
  • I may ask you to undo and try again until you understand things.
  •  You can also undo if you like.  This is a teaching game, and you can do whatever you want in order to make the most of my lesson.
  •  After an online lesson,  I will send you a set of 35 problems relating to my comments on our game to help you further understand the lesson.   (For an offline lesson I send 35 or 50 problems. WARNING: Offline lessons are for anyone in any countries. Please read offline lessons in detail.  )
  •  It may take a couple of days for me to create custom problems for you, so please be patient.
  •  In my online lessons I encourage you to ask me as many questions as possible.

WARNING: When you send me 10 games, please don’t worry about sending me bad games.  I believe that all your games are there to help you improve.  So you shouldn’t worry about good or bad games.  Besides, often when people say “Oh, I played terrible games”, but it turns out to be good games.  I’ve seen that many times.  In addition, it’s better for me to see your worst games because I’d like to see your biggest weakness as soon as possible.  So I will be able to help you improve at maximum speed.

Lesson Fee:

The 1st lesson fee is $42 / €39.

The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th lesson fee is  $48 / €44.

After that, each lesson fee is $55 / €51

WARNING: Please include the transaction fee in the lesson fee above.  If you mistakenly pay more, I’ll send you extra problems to compensate for that.

WARNING: Please do not send the payment as “a family”.  Please use the payment as business transactions.

If I receive lots of payments from family members from all over the world, PayPal might start getting suspicious about the transactions and suspend my account.  If I find out about someone paying me as a family, I may have to stop teaching that person.

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