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This learning result will help you see what you will possibly improve.

Kaz’s students How long they have taken Kaz lessons Their level before the lesson Their level after the lesson
71-year-old person            9 months 2 kyu 1 dan
74-year-old person 2 years 3 kyu 2 dan
45-year-old person 1 year 9 kyu 6 kyu
69-year-old person            10 months 4 kyu 1 kyu
70-year-old person            11 months 5 kyu 2 kyu
73-year-old person 1 year 7 kyu 2 kyu

Maxim P., 14kyu player 2 years ago. Now he is 5kyu.

Seb D., 2 kyu player, who took 9 lessons, and after 8 month, he is 1dan.

Rowan, 23 kyu player, who took 8 lessons from me and is now 13 kyu.

Fred,     19kyu player,  who took 3 lessons from me and is now 15 kyu.

Marek,   8 kyu player, who took 7 lessons from me and is now    5 kyu.

Mario,  2-3 dan player, who took 6 lessons from me and is now 4dan.

George in his 60s has been taking my offline Special Services Lessons, beginning in summer, 2014, and has improved quickly.  See George to learn how he has studied.

You can read their recommendations here:

Note that there were also students who didn’t improve much. The improvements depend on many things such as how much basic foundations they had had before they took my lessons, how many times they reviewed my comments and texts after each lesson, etc.

Keep in mind that most students above were the retirees and had a lot of time to study Go. Also they continue studying. In my experience it’s better to continue studying even if you have time to study 5 or 10 minutes every day, every other day, or every week.

Some people take an intensive lesson from me and could improve in a short time. But they stop for a while, and then they go back to their original level.

The most recent results are written on http://kazsensei.com/recommendations/ Please read the first few recommendations.

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