kazsurpriseThese are some of the recent teaching results of offline lessons:

Maxim P., 14kyu player 2 years ago. Now he is 5kyu.

Seb D., 2 kyu player, who took 9 lessons, and after 8 month, he is 1dan.

Rowan, 23 kyu player, who took 8 lessons from me and is now 13 kyu.

Fred,     19kyu player,  who took 3 lessons from me and is now 15 kyu.

Marek,   8 kyu player, who took 7 lessons from me and is now    5 kyu.

George in his 60s has been taking my offline Special Services Lessons, beginning in summer, 2014, and has improved quickly.  See George to learn how he has studied.

Recommendation from Leo, 2 kyu player (April, 2017).

After having worked with different Go teachers and different formats (online lessons, offline lessons, lectures, problems, game commentaries, training games) in the past I can say that for me being taught by Kaz seems to be the best way to really improve the way I play in a systematic and lasting way.

Thanks for teaching me!


You can read more recommendations here:

Lesson Fee, Off line:

The 1st lesson fee is $49 / €42.

( I’ll send 30 problems.  I will examine your 10 games thoroughly, find your biggest weaknesses and mistakes, and teach you based on that.  As far as I know, I’m the only Go teacher who does that.  I’ve been doing that for many years. )

After that, each lesson fee is $49 / €42(This is for everyone.  I’ll send 20 problems.)

WARNING: You don’t have to worry about the transaction fee because I’ll pay for that.

WARNING: How to apply this lesson is stated at the end. Please click here to jump!


Lesson Fee for Special Lesson B:

“Special Lesson B” offers you many special services.  Please click here to find out about this Special Lesson B:

Is my lesson expensive? : Some people tell me that my lesson fees are expensive.  Please think of it this way.

If you buy a Go book, it costs $15, $20, or $30.  If you buy two books, you will pay $30, $40, or $60.  But it’s not easy to find Go books at your level.  I know many Go players who have bought 20 or 30 Go books, which can cost somewhere between $300 or $900.  Many of them haven’t finished reading all of them.   Quite a few people say that they haven’t even mastered one Go book.  That’s probably because the books are way too hard for them.  It’s like you buy a lottery, and you draw a blank.

More importantly, none of the Go books are written based on analyzing your games and making problems to correct your weaknesses and bad habits.

If you take my lessons, you will always get a winning ticket.

I will be sure to send tests and problems based on analyzing your games and making problems to correct your weaknesses and bad habits.   You will be able to use them for many years.

So which is better?  You keep buying many Go books until you find a book at your own level.  Or you take my lessons and receive tests and problems which you will be able to study for many years.

Payment by Paypal.

I use Paypal and accept the US dollar or the Euro.  I don’t accept credit cards.

New Problems:

There are some examples of what you will learn when you take my lessons.  Please take a look at the problems:


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