These are some of the most recent teaching results of offline lessons:

Rowan, 23 kyu player, who took 8 lessons from me and is now 13 kyu.
Fred,     19kyu player,  who took 3 lessons from me and is now 15 kyu.
Marek,   8 kyu player, who took 7 lessons from me and is now   5 kyu.

George in his 60s has been taking my offline Special Services Lessons, beginning in summer, 2014, and has improved quickly.  See George to learn how he has studied.

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There are some examples of what you will learn when you take my lessons.  If you want to know the answers to these, please take my lessons.

1. Without learning astronomically complicated joseki, you’ll get to 4 Dan.

2. Traveling the Pacific Ocean with no compass.

3. Problem for Dan, up to 6 Dan players.

4. Mt. Fuji solution.

5. Indiana Jones Tesuji.

6. If your stones get killed often, here is a solution

7. Hitchcock’s Rear Window vs. “Fantastic Four” movie.

8. Heart breaking the 3-star point.

9. Climbing Mt. Everest with no preparation, Romeo-and-Juliet shape.

10. Avoid complications, learn simple basic moves.