Last update: July 4th, 2014.






Lesson Fee:

Each offline lesson fee is $40 / €29 / £24.  SPECIAL PRICE!!! Until the end of August 2014 the first lesson is only $30 / €22 / £18.5.


Question:  PayPal shows the NET amount is $28.53 after they deduct their fee. Is this correct?

Answer:   Please pay me $30, not the deducted $28.53.


Special Offer for offline lessons:

Until August 31st, you can buy 12 lessons for the price of 10 when paid in advance: $400 / €290 / £240.

You can also have 24 lessons for the price of 20 when paid in advance: $800 / €580 / £480,

or  36 lessons for the price of 30 when paid in advance: $1200 / €870 / £720.

(Once you pay in advance, you can take those lessons at any time. There is no time limit.)

After August 31st, you can buy 11 lessons for the price of 10 when paid in advance: $400 / €290 / £240.


Refund policy:

Suppose  you’ve paid a 12 lesson fee, $400.   After taking 9 lessons, you decide not to take any more lessons, then the lesson fee will be

$40 × 9 lessons = $360.  So I’ll return $40.  So far, all the students who have taken my lessons keep taking more lessons.

Payment by Paypal.

I use Paypal and accept  US dollars, Yen, Euros, and Pounds Sterling. I may also accept other currencies if Paypal carries them. I do not accept credit cards.

How to apply for Kaz’s Go Lessons!

  1. Please go to Paypal and look for my email address: cickazu@gmail.com
  2. Now you’re ready to pay the fee to Kazunari Furuyama, (in Japan) but don’t finish the payment, yet.
  3. Before you click and complete the payment, please scroll down and find “Message (optional)” on Paypal.
  4. In “Message (optional)”, please fill out your instruction.  Here is an example of how you write your instruction.

“An offline lesson fee. This is Harry Callahan (your full name, please); I’ll be sending you 10 games soon.  Choose one of the games. Go ahead, make my day!”

  1. After this, please send me your 10 games in sgf files.

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