Last update: March 8th, 2015.

There are new special services.

Please see Offline Lessons



Lesson Fee:

Each offline and online lesson fee is $42 / €31.

WARNING: Please include the transaction fee in $42 / €31.  If you mistakenly pay more, I’ll return the money or send you more problems to compensate for that.

WARNING: Please do not send the payment as a family.  Please use the payment as business transactions.

If I receive lots of payments from family members from all over the world, PayPal might start getting suspicious about the transactions and suspend my account.  If I find out about someone paying me as a family, I may have to stop teaching that person.

Dollar or Euro? If you’re not sure of which currency to pay, I prefer the dollar.  If the payment in dollar will cost you more than the Euro, please let me know.  I’ll compensate for that by sending you extra problems.



Special Lessons:

When it comes to offline lessons, there are Special Lesson A and Special Lesson B.  Both have a much better deal than this.  If you’re interested in it, please click Offline Lessons.



Payment by Paypal.

I use Paypal and accept the US dollar or the Euro.  I don’t accept credit cards.

How to apply for Kaz’s Go Lessons!

  1. Please go to Paypal and look for my email address: cickazu@gmail.com
  2. Now you’re ready to pay the fee to Kazunari Furuyama, (in Japan) but don’t finish the payment, yet.
  3. Before you click and complete the payment, please scroll down and find “Message (optional)” on Paypal.
  4. In “Message (optional)”, please fill out your instruction.  Here is an example of how you write your instruction.

“An offline lesson fee. This is Harry Callahan (your full name, please); I’ll be sending you 10 games soon.  Choose one of the games. Go ahead, make my day!”

  1. After this, please send me your 10 games in sgf files.

Also see  TeachingOffline lessonsOnline lessons.

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